How to be Self Aware with Danielle Serpico

How to be Self Aware with Danielle Serpico

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Danielle Serpico is the founder of The BlackBelt MasterMind Academy, specializing in Mind Coaching & NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming.  

She is a licensed Master Practitioner and Trainer and the author of ‘The BlackBelt MasterMind’ book – the acclaimed 5* self-help book.

Danielle is also a blackbelt, European champion and self-defence expert as well as the radio presenter for her weekly show ‘MindMatters’ on 103.2 Dublin City FM.

One of Danielle’s many qualities is her sense of humour, making her a memorable, charismatic person. She has the ability to inspire and encourage the best in everybody and instil a better mind-set, thus empowering them to overcome challenges.

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