Aunua Academy At The Good Summit

Taking place on October 24th The Good Summit celebrates the Art of Possible by inviting connections and nurturing networks that motivate us toward a better shared today. Focusing on the streams of Good Society, Good Health, Good Work and Good Leadership, the event provides a time for sharing and learning, striving and trying. This event was created by Aunua Academy partner The World Health Innovation Summit.

Taking place in the iconic Trinity College Dublin, this event will bring you a space for dialogue that motivates those who feel disengaged and disenchanted with how the world works, offering a platform for solidarity, with new ideas and empowerment.

There are amazing speakers organised for the day such as Lucie Cunningham, Founder of The Home Share, Niall Breslin, Co-Founder and Creative Director for A Lust For Life, Chris Gordon, CEO of The Irish Social Enterprise Network, Bertie Aherne, Former Taoiseach and many more.

Aunua Academy Founder & CEO Karina Murray will be on The Advocacy Panel speaking and answering questions telling everyone about the incredible work and plans of the Aunua Academy. This is an exciting event not only for Aunua Academy but for everyone to hear these wonderful speakers and learn from all of their incredible achievements. We hope you will join us on the day whether to learn, network or for a great event, The Good Summit October 24th.

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